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  • Now featuring decorative metal works - acid etching, metals onlays, and more - on pegheads, heels, scoops and rims.

  • Light gauge string sets are in! (and banjo straps, handmade posters, hats, t-shirts, tote bags and more). In our Accessory Store.

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  • Custom Mainstage and Hoffee cases are available. These beautiful fiberglass or carbon fiber cases are incredible protection for your lifetime instrument. We are thrilled they are built in Canada (Mainstage) and the USA (Hoffee).


Mini-Doc on our banjos by CBC’s special series Inside the Craft.

"SALT AND POWDER" From Pharis & Jason Romero's new release, Sweet Old Religion

"Old Bill's Tune", a bonus track featuring Josh Rabie (fiddle) and John Hurd (bass).

Romero Banjos documentary produced by Fretboard Journal 

Wild Bill Jones recorded at our home. Featuring Banjo 10250.

Lost Lula recorded at Pickathon 2013. Featuring one of our gourd banjos.