• We've just finished the first batch of banjos in the new shop! Our Out of the Ashes banjos (numbers 17399 - 17405) are all made with fire-salvaged woods and hardware. 
  • 2017 waitlist orders are closed. We may be opening the waitlist in 2018, but are waiting to see what 2017 brings first. Questions? Contact us! Each year we will also make at least 5 luthier's choice custom banjos; these banjos will be made available for first sale to folks on our waitlist, second sale to newsletter subscribers.
  • T-shirts, banjo straps, banjo strings and tote bags are all in stock in our Accessory Store.
  • We're back in the shop! The shop burned to the ground just over six months ago, and - while we had a small idea of what rebuilding would really mean - we had no idea how much kindness, support and general "we got your back" feelings we would experience from our community. The very golden lining in this has been feeling that massive support, and it has carried us through combing the rubble, scraping away the debris, pouring the footings, raising the walls, picking up the tools at the post office, and putting the roof on. And each time we walk in the new shop we raise our glasses to every single person who helped in every single way, as pieces of the shop remind us of the time, money, sweat, materials and ideas we have been given. We are so grateful. We are so lucky. We have so much to celebrate. And we can't wait to get some new banjos in some new hands.
    Our very best to you, from our family to yours - Jason, Pharis, Indigo and Sy
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  • Custom Mainstage and Hoffee cases are now available. These beautiful fiberglass or carbon fiber cases are incredible protection for your lifetime instrument. We are thrilled they are built in Canada (Mainstage) and the USA (Hoffee).

  • Now featuring brass overlays ("onlays") on pegheads, heels, scoops and rims. 
  • Our banjo ukuleles are an ever-growing line.


Romero Banjos documentary produced by Fretboard Journal 

Wild Bill Jones recorded at our home. Featuring Banjo 10250.

Lost Lula recorded at Pickathon 2013. Featuring one of our gourd banjos.