Integral Rosewood Tone Ring

Integral wood Tonering

Romero banjos are made standard with an integral wood tonering of pau ferro, an extremely dense and musical wood. Depending on the type of banjo and setup, these tonerings can produce a wide variance in tone and volume. Whether you are looking for that old-time sound, hard-driving bluegrass, or somewhere in between, they will deliver.

Our wood tonering design also stabilizes the wooden rim, helping to keep it in round throughout its life.

Romero Tonering

An excellent old-time tonering, this unique design incorporates an integral wood tonering with a heavy solid brass ring. It allows for a throaty low end and a punchy but tame high end, with just the right amount of overtones.

If you're a fan of the warm tone a dense wood gives, with the punch of brass, this might be the tonering for you.

Belle Rose Tonering

Our newest tonering design incorporates a 1/2" brass tube, rolled and silver-soldered, then set into a V-shaped channel cut into our integral wood tonering. The tube rests only on two spots on either side of the channel, allowing it to resonate. The banjo head rests on the tonering on a greater surface than with our other tone rings, reducing the head vibrating surface by 1/2" (eg. a 12" rim becomes an 11 1/2" vibrating surface, etc.).

The Belle Rose allows for more overtones and high end than our Romero tonering, with very warm, clear and full mids. If you are a fan of the Tubaphone sound, this might be the tonering for you.

Other tonerings - including Whyte Ladie, tubaphone, Dobson and flathead - are also available.