Coordinator Rod

We're proud to be using a coordinator rod & neck attachment system designed in our workshop here at Romero Banjos. We created this original design here in the banjo workshop early on, and believe it is the best way to attach a banjo neck. OME Banjos and Vance Banjos both liked it so much that they have also adapted our design on their instruments. 

Romero banjo necks are attached using a two lagbolt technique adapted from early Gibson banjos, in use since the 1920s. However, rather than having two metal coordinator rods - one attached to each lagbolt - we continue to use two lagbolts to attach the neck and rim but have developed a unique single coordinator rod using machined brass and wood. Combining the functionality and strength of a metal coordinator rod with the beauty of the wooden dowel stick common to turn-of-the-century open back banjos, our proprietary attachment system results in excellent tone, long-term stability, and ease and adaptability for future adjustments.