Our gourd banjos are made to last, starting with a carefully selected thick-walled California-grown gourd.

Features that set Romero gourd banjos apart include:

  • Chechen (or other oil-impregnated hardwood) fingerboards

  • Old-growth Douglas fir necks (high strength with the perfect weight balance to the gourd)

  • Graphite installed in the neck to help keep it straight over time

  • Pre-stretched goatskin heads for more consistent tension in a variety of heats and humidities

  • Beveled and rounded gourds where they come into contact with the skin head

  • Gourd insides treated with a hard finish to ensure long life and increased sound projection

Options include: 

  • Pegheds tuners (geared violin-style tuners)

  • Maple and walnut necks

  • Hardwood scoop plates

  • Frets

  • Pick-ups


  • Please enquire for pricing

Wait time:

  • Approximately 1 year (may be more or less depending on when we've squeezed in a gourd batch)