Romero necks are hand-carved in the traditional way. Most are crafted with two-piece construction, resulting in a strong and stable product. Occasionally we are able to find high quality figured woods in large enough stock to build one-piece necks - the quality of the wood means these necks are comparable in strength to a two-piece neck. Every neck is built with a double-action truss rod.

Scale lengths

We make necks of every scale length (with the exception of long necks). Our most commonly used scale length is 25.5" for necks on 11" and 12" rims. This scale length is a little shorter than the typical bluegrass 26.25" scale; we also offer a scale length in between the two, at 25.875". From ukuleles to A-scales to bluegrassers, we will help you decide on the best scale length for your custom project.


Our necks are shaped by hand. Given particular dimensions and profiles, we can shape a neck to any specification. If you don't know particular numbers but know that you like a smaller or larger neck, we can work with that too. Typical Romero banjo necks are 1 5/16" wide at the nut and 2" wide at the neck.


Scoops are available in a variety of shapes. Custom scoops are possible too. Frailing scoops are generally positioned after the 15th, 17th or 19th frets.


Hand-shaped standard, guitar and Dobson heels are available.