We are very pleased to introduce our line of wood bodied resophonic guitars.

We fell in love with resophonic guitars some years ago. We have a few old and new National guitars and really love how they sound, but wanted to start creating our own guitars with some specific details for what our playing styles and aesthetics were craving – a 14-fret, round neck, wood-bodied, biscuit cone guitar. Take a listen to the soundclips of Tony Furtado playing our two guitar models in figured maple and Claro walnut.

Figured Maple Guitar

Claro Walnut Guitar


  • 14 frets to the body
  • Ebony fingerboard and peghead overlay
  • Top: 1/4"; Back: 3/16"; 20ª radius
  • Body: 3 1/2" deep
  • Upper bout: 10 1/8" wide; Lower bout: 14 1/8" wide
  • Baltic birch / rosewood soundwell
  • Brass National coverplate, tailpiece and cone
  • Romero submerged maple biscuit
  • Waverly tuners
  • Custom designed F-holes
  • Brass plate inset into fingerboard over the body: Fingerboards are traditionally screwed to the top on these guitars, and rather than hide that construction we have used it as a design feature.
  • Hardshell case included (enquire about Cedar Creek case options)


  • Peghead: Slotted or Solid (with optional brass overlay)
  • Woods: Claro Walnut or Figured Maple (with various stains)

Introductory pricing: $4500 with hardshell case / $4700 with custom Cedar Creek case