About Us

J. Romero Banjos is a small family company, operated by Jason and Pharis Romero, in Horsefly, British Columbia.

Photo by Lindsay Marie Stewart

Photo by Lindsay Marie Stewart

Established in 2002, we feel grateful every day to be creating playable works of art, drawing inspiration from places old and new. The artistry isn't merely in the execution, it's also in the ideas themselves - our customers' and our own - and in that we strive to be ever changing and evolving. Each of our banjos is handmade and unique, with just enough innovation to provide a tasteful alternative to the rest. Custom orders are the norm for us.

As a builder, long-time player, and enthusiast of all things banjo, Jason is always thinking of the banjo's design and sound. After studying as a cabinetmaker and fine woodworker, he began working with the Wildwood Banjo Co.in Arcata, CA., as well as P.W. Crump Instruments and Clinesmith Guitars. Working in these shops and building a variety of instruments rounded out his experience as a luthier and developed a strong sense of instrument craftsmanship and skilled efficiency. Pharis, a graphic designer and musician by trade, joined the banjo workshop in 2007 after they married. She has since taken over the majority of the inlay and graphic design part of the business.

We'd like to say thank you to the ever evolving craftsmen and artists who inspire us. 
Kevin Enoch (especially for his inspiration with the 'S' scoop, which we are now calling the Enoch scoop)  Bob Flescher (especially for his inspiration in how to make a starry night inlay move beautifully)  James Ashborn  Luscomb  L.B. Gatcomb  William Boucher  A.C. Fairbanks  William Cole  James Haynes  S.S. Stewart 
The Dobson brothers  Lloyd Loar  Orville Gibson  C.F. Martin  John & Rudy Dopyera  Alphonse Mucha  Gustav Stickley  William Morris  Charles & Henry Greene  Sam Maloof • P.W. Crump  Brooks Masten  Grit Laskin  Larry Robinson  Philippe Revel  Doug Unger  RM Anderson  OME Banjos  Clinesmith Guitars  Monty Hendricks 

favorite banjo maker

James Ashborn, ca. late 1850s

favorite guitar

1930-40's Gibsons, Martins, Nationals, and many other vintage instruments
(Will sometimes trade for banjos! Contact us)

music we're playing

Our duet: www.pharisandjason.com
(we are proud to use Blue Chip Picks)